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Aktywna Akademia Godło Projekt współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską


Successful 3LoE Project Meeting in Hamburg

Successful 3LoE Project Meeting in Hamburg

Two members of the 3LoE project team from Pomeranian University in Słupsk took part in a major project workshop that took place in Hamburg on 2-3 September 2021. Prof. Marek Łukasik and dr Arkadiusz Gryko represented our university, along with four other members of the Polish Centre for Professional Excellence from the T. Tański Schools of Mechanics and Logistics in Słupsk and the Chamber of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises in Szczecin.

The workshop in Germany was devoted to the development of career aptitude diagnostic tools that project partners will implement in order to help prospective employees choose the appropriate career path. The meeting also provided participants with the first opportunity to meet face-to-face, work together in a creative atmosphere, and discuss project details with the project leader, the Hanse Parlament.


The 3LoE project aims at training specialists in a variety of fields related to the green economy. In particular, partners will implement a range of professional training, dual vocational courses, and dual Bachelor studies, among other measures, to meet the project goals. These objectives are realised at international and national level, the latter within national Centres of Professional Excellence.  The main tasks of our University are to launch dual Bachelor studies in “Logistics - Green Supply Chains”, to offer additional courses, including in “Management of sustainable economic activity”, and to evaluate a number of training courses implemented by other partners. One of the overarching aspects of the project is close cooperation between the educational and the business sector. 


Pomeranian University in Słupsk is one of the 23 international partners realising the 3LoE project. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (strategic partnerships), the project is realised between the years 2020-2024.



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